The Magic of Night Photography, through the lens of Alex Aaronson

The Magic of Night Photography, through the lens of Alex Aaronson

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I’ve always been fascinated by the city at night and loved to explore my favorite parts after sunset. The way that windows can go from opaque to being bright apertures revealing the hidden life inside buildings is just endlessly absorbing. Before I was known as Alex Aaronson the photographer, I used all my free time to take photos of buildings and architectural monuments at different times of day. It is fascinating how much a photo can change depending on the lighting- from sunrise to sunset, the city transforms right in front of our eyes. Over time, I managed to acquire a lot of experience in taking photos with limited lighting and am excited to share some below.

One of the main things that has helped me take some high-quality images during the evening hours is having a good tripod. When I was 16, the only type of device I could afford was a mini tripod with ‘Alex Aaronson’ scribbled on it in blue marker. While I still have this tripod as precious memorabilia, I have definitely had to upgrade to a better quality one in order to take professional images. This type of equipment is essential, as it helps you steady the camera and get ready to take some long-exposure photos. You should buy a tripod that can carry the weight of your camera but that is still light and durable. Saving up for a tripod is definitely a good decision and it’s an investment worth making.

Another tip I have when it comes to taking pictures at night is to have a particular method of taking photos. Over the years, I’ve come up with something I call the ‘Alex Aaronson Nightmode’- a technique which essentially entails playing around with different setting and taking multiple test shots until I determine which is the best angle. Taking test shots is the perfect way to experiment and play with the light (or lack thereof).

The photo below was taken during a particularly cold and foggy winter evening during my trip to Seattle. What helped me get a clear shot of the hotel was a combination of the outlined tips above, as well as shooting in raw format, which helps preserve the quality of the image. In my experience after starting the Alex Aaronson Photography business, this technique has proven to be effective time and time again and has helped me achieve satisfactory results. Don’t be afraid to experiment and play with different settings!

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